Simple switch panel for flight sims (PC)

I saw a few people make these and decided I would give it a try, looks neat and ive always wanted to learn Arduino.

I need a little guidance though.

Based On what I read I bought a Teensy 3.2, and some simple on/off switches.

Im trying to figure out how to:

A: wire the switches (Do i need a breadboard?)

B: programming the board so that it shows up as a game controller.

ive been scouring the web and I keep finding tutorials and videos, but none of them are specifically for this, and since this is my first crack at this ever, "close" doesn't work for me, I don't know enough to make the correlations between what Im trying to do, and something "similar".

In terms of a the wiring, as I understand it (Which may be wrong) I need to attach all the - wires to GND and then attach each pf the + wires to a pin (1-12 in my case).

Am in correct so far on that part at least? Do I need any resistors? I don't want to assume anything.

This is the board im using

Well I finally got it all worked out and functioning properly.

Thanks for absolutely nothing.

Fine :-)

Come back if you have problems which you can't resolve yourself.