Simple xy axis that runs a predefined program

I am developing a project that requires an xy axis that runs a predifined route on a button click. So just a simple example there will be an interface that when you click a button it will go in a circle and it will do that every time you click the button. My question is what hardware and software would be best for this? Will this project request a Gcode interpreter to define the route or is there an easier way to run a xy axis for a predefined function? It will be a corexy setup with two nema 14 steppers and various other sensors. I was thinking a mega or a due with two a4988 stepper drivers. Does anyone have any insight on execution of this project?

Bresenham algorithms exist for simple movements (lines, circles, ellipses). They don't require much computing power, so that even the smallest Arduino will be sufficient.

These links may help with the basics
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