Small in-line barrel connector source

I am hoping that someone with more experience than me can point me to a source for a small barrel type connector that I can use in line. I need the assembled length to be as small as possible, like less than 30mm or 1.25 inches for both ends.

I only need it for two conductors and it is just for a low power ground signal. Basically a switch at the end of the cable completes a ground circuit.

Please help if you can! :slight_smile:

you could just splice it

"Servo extension cables" ?

Thanks, but I actually want the connector to serve a purpose. I want the wire to come apart at the connector, not be cut/tore if snagged.

Thanks for your help though.

I probably need to be more specific. I am looking for a barrel style connector because appearances are important. This is for a finished prototype and this connection will be visible.


You know there are times when even a simple drawing will bring clarity to a question where a thousand words will not. Can you draw up something simple showing the simple circuit, number of plugs and jacks, plug and jack types, male or female, cable length, etc. ?
Sounds like you may be using a plug & jack combination as a simple switch function, maybe?


I need one of these:

and one of these:

That, when assembled, are as small as possible, in length.

Thanks for your help so far!