Smooth Stepper Turns


I use the normal stepper.h library. I have a 4 Wire Stepper. The problem is that the Stepper turns start and stops to hard. I build for Macrophotography an Automatic Macro Slider with my Nikon Cam for Picturestacking.

my way is the "myStepper.setSpeed" command but the result is not really good.

The Vibrations for the system a little bit too much.

give it an easy way the find a solution ? I'm not really an SW Developer.

THX for Help.

PS: I use an L298N Stepperboard for control

Try the AccelStepper library which allows you to do acceleration.

However you really need a specialized stepper motor driver that allows you to move the motor in microsteps. However with seeing the datasheet for your motor I can't recommend one.

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