SNMP traps issue in static IP using agentino library

I am using this library GitHub - johnyHV/Arduino-SNMP: Agentuino - Arduino SNMP Get, Set, Response, Trap and able to send traps to other network as well when set to DHCP. But when I set it to Static ip, I am getting the traps on same network but not on other network.Kindly help me to resolve the issue.

for simplicity the issue can be explained as-When set to DHCP i.e. it assign network config its own except MAC, and then it can send UDP packets of traps to same and other network other means with other gateway and subnet. But when it set to static ip it does send trap on same network, not on other natework!
So UDP packets are not able to send on other network.

The issue is not yet resolved!
I tried a lot and now trying to get deep into udp.