Software installation

My first project was to realize an attitude horizon, based MPU6050 sensor with Arduino mega and HX8357X.
It was running but blocked after a time.
My new project is now based on WT901 sensor from Wit-motion with Arduino mega and screen HX8357X.
Before connecting with Arduino, I want to run it on my PC (windows 10), also for the calibration.
Regarding to the manual, installation seems easy, but.....?
I succeed to install a driver (CH340).
I also have to install a software (MiniIMU.exe).
I found this software on GitHub and downloaded it
But impossible to open this software.
Has somebody an idea or advice

This is not actually an Arduino related question

What happens when you try to run minuMu.exe ?

I know but I first have to calibrate on PC before to install on Arduino.
Nothing happen when I open MiniIMU.exe
Thanks for your advice