software to read input form keyboard and place in arduino sketch real time? :)

hello all Arduino users!

My goal is to somehow control the speed and direction of motors via my computer keypad or even a joystick connected to the computer. i would probably need a software that can read the input from the keyboard and place it in an arduino sketch as to change the "pulse with modulation" value in order to change the speed of the motors.

i have researched long and hard for a solution but i am a beginner and would greatly appreciate any feed back

thank you very much! oamar

You need a program that can read the keyboard and send the data over serial to your Arduino.

Check this - -

or the extended version - -

thank you guys! your feed back is much appreciated!

you are welcome, maybe you can post your project when its finished :wink:

Will do! i am planning on building an ROV... quick question, would the keypad in the link you sent me be replaceable with an xbox controller? thanx!

Not trivial, but IIRC it is done before, you might need to search the forum for that.

The interface of the Xbox controller is (I assume very) different than a keyboard.