Software Update procedure Linux Platform- Arduino IDE 1.8.16

Hi , this may old question or crazy but i have clarify myself.

On Linux Platform how to update the latest version of Arduino IDE 1.8.16 .

I need to uninstall the exiting version 1.8.15 and then fresh installation of the 1.8.16 or Just install the Arduino IDE 1.8.16 ( over writing above 1.8.15).

Can't you just do sudo apt-get update?

EDIT - One would think that the newest Arduino version would be in the Ubuntu apt repository. Are you on an Ubuntu linux platform?

It is not. The one there is 8 years out of date due to the licensing documentation of more recent versions of Arduino IDE not meeting the standards of the package manager.

You can simply download 1.8.16 from the official Software page, and then extract it to a convenient location. Delete the old installation if you like, or keep it if for some reason you want to switch back and forth between the versions. I have dozens of different IDE versions installed on my machine, but I'm just crazy like that.

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yes boss... Ubuntu

If you are really set on using a package manager, there is an arduino snap package:

However, the "latest/stable" version is still on Arduino IDE 1.8.15, even though Arduino IDE 1.8.16 was released 3 months ago and is considered perfectly stable. Also, the package manager versions of the IDE are created by 3rd parties who often make unspecified modifications. So they are not so well supported as the official version you get from the Software page

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