Solar Panel Charging Phone?

Does anyone know of a Solar Panel that, if I use a USB adapter, will charge my tablet and phone. It should work with both Android and Apple Products. If not, can you please give me the specs of a Solar Panel needed to charge a tablet or phone? Thank You In Advance!

Oh Yeah! If you do know where to buy one, a plain solar panel without any battery, that will charge a tablet, please put the link!

If you are in the uk Maplins do one

No, I live in the United States... :confused:

Have you tried Google?


Yes. There is a project on pop science. Dude, half the fun is finding the right parts. Don’t cheat, enjoy your little journey. :slight_smile:

No, but I wanted a solar panel without a battery, just a plain solar panel. Anyways, will this one on AliExpress do? It claims a tablet charging on the solar panel.

If your thinking of using that panel from Ali, these work well for Android tablet’s and phones.
Two of them in parallel would give you a bit more wattage over the one you linked and be less than half the cost.