Solar Powered tracker

btw what if i use a 20W ,18.2 Vmp and 1.1 Imp panel to run the two servos?i want to try and run it without battery if possible to demonstrate that it is able to work as a standalone tracker

You can certainly keep butting your head against the wall!

First question : Will it damage anything if you try?

Second question: What happens when you try?

Plan B: get smaller motors.
Drive one at a time.

Change to polar axis. Then you only need to drive the Y axis once a week.

This may be a silly question, but What about a superCap designed to hold enough to power a few jogs of the motor?

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i saw another 20W panel with 6v and 3.33A specs. assuming the mg946r has 1.2A stall current and with 2 of them that totals to 2.4A at 5V. With this panel, it should be sufficient theoretically no? A reason why I want to avoid having to use a battery is to be able to make a self sufficient standalone solar tracker. Of course in the long run, a battery will be required. As of now, I am trying to make a self powered solar tracker

A 6volt/3.3A solar panel only generates 3.3A in full sun, mid-summer, and only for a short time around noon. That could easily drop to less than 0.1Amp on an overcast day, not at noon, or in an angle to the sun.
Did you watch the video (post#22), where they use a tiny geared brushed DC motor.

…so the demo will illustrate your completed project is bright daylight dependent ?

The project will be expected to run under ideal condition which is clear and sunny sky conditions. So it will probably run for a few minutes. It will not run long term wise.

yes. the demo will be done under bright daylight and almost ideal conditions. In case of bad weather, i will show a video the tracker running at almost ideal / ideal conditions


Why, when a battery and a light source will show it operating in no sunlight conditions.
Also with a battery it will still seek the brightest part of the sky on a cloudy day.

The batteries don't even need to be rechargeable.
Let the batteries power the seeker circuit only.

The PV panels don't have to power the seeker, just some LEDs to show optimum position.

Just an idea....

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yeah , i gotten a 12V 7AH battery. i plan to use a buck converter to reduce the voltage to 5V which will power up the components.

Has anyone tried out a thin film solar panel? if the panel is light weight, maybe a less power consumption servo can be used. From what I had heard, the thin film has the worse efficiency.