soldering connector

Hi, I am at the middle of my new project with Arduino and stopped with the problem of soldering some connectors: this:

and this:

I first searched to find a PCB ready for that in local markets(even with more quantity of pins) and failed.

Next I bought a marker with 0.1mm tip and challenged for some days to design "own" PCB and again failed.

The last idea I have is to use this cable:

and solder it from one side to the connector, cut it from the other side and freely use wires (must be easier to solder them). This way to use the ribbon cable as a converter.

I would like to know the opinion of gurus here if it has a chance to be practical, as I have to order the cable and wait yet for 10 days for it to come :(

Thank you!

Hi ironbot,

First of all, what kind of SMD components were you trying to solder? There are many different kinds of adapters for soldering SMDs depending on the type.

AlphaZeta, well I'm with a very weak knowledge of electronics. That's why I gave direct link to what SMD components I am going to solder, as I can't tell of which specific type they are. I think if you open those links you know the type :)

Hi ironbot, I did open those links... but those were all connectors not the actual SMD components? Soldering a QFN component can be quite different than soldering a SSOP component. :)

AlphaZeta, as I told I'm not very good with electronics knowledge :D

I have to borrow your vocabulary: my problem is soldering those SSOP component, I thought they are called SMD :D

My problem exactly is to be able to make a layout for them and solder next. Currently, all my tries to make the PCB with ordinary way of say, toner transfer and etching failed. I am managing to use UV.

For SSOP components, I typically would just use an adapter like this one ( for prototyping...