Soldering instructions for tiny IC's  like the QFN

My question is how to solder tiny chips without using professional instruments with a reasonable chance of succes . I approached Fabio Varesano who is experienced in this field and I got the next very useful instructions: "But I do have soldered QFN ICs into homebrew DIY pcbs. You can see some: the above links you have my schematics and designs for an homebrew PCB for the ITG3200, in case you decide to build it.Regarding soldering, I'm using solder past in syringe + "reflow" pizza oven (not to be used for anything else eg cooking). Alternative ways: Hot air gun: Skillet:[/color][/i]Also I found the site: which is in my opinion valuable. Among you are undoubtly more engineers with great expertise who like to share their skills with me/us. I am looking forward to your contributuions../me

soldering guides:

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you use the reflow oven for soldering don't ever use it again for coocking. Use it in a well ventilated area. Solder paste and PCB chemicals are dangerous to breath or eat.

PCB frabrication: