soldering leads onto a Lipo battery so it can be charged up

i have a sparkfun lipo charger and in order to plug in the battery i need to solder on some leads . but--- hey all the guides say do not solder onto a lipo battery terminals . so whats the answer on this tricky question ?discharge it first or use super glue ?

The problem (other than the possibility of explosions) is that the posative terminal is usually made of aluminium and is impossible to solder (from my experience). The only way to connect a wire is to spot weld it on

If you do start a lithium fire don't be surprised if water doesn't put it out. Sand bucket is best.

Depends on a battery, I’ve soldered ones - got 7.4V Li-Po for unknown camera with 3 contact pads. All works well, but you need to do it fast.
Picture, unfortunately, pads not visible, didn’t think to make instractables -):
(big size):