[SOLVED] Bug: Nano V3 Pinout

Hello Arduino,

First of all, thank you very much for creating Arduino and hosting this community platform. I greatly appreciate you all!

On to the issue... I spent about two days attempting to upload a bootloader via Arduino ISP over SPI from a Nano programmer to a Nano target. I ended up succeeding by being told about the pinout of the ICSP header, which differs from the ICSP pinout located on page 3 of https://content.arduino.cc/assets/Pinout-NANO_latest.pdf

The true pinout of the ICSP header is:

2 4 6
1 3 5

The current schematic available at that link shows us:

5 3 1
6 4 2

I wanted to report this and hope you guys can get it updated, it would most likely help a ton of people out there using Arduino Nanos over ICSP.

Thanks so much for reporting this @kevr!

I went ahead and opened an issue in Arduino's bug tracker to bring this to the attention of the people who are able to correct it:

That was quick! Thanks so much for creating the issue, I wasn't sure where exactly I should be reporting this. I want to give credit and thanks to 'timemage' on IRC Freenode's #arduino who helped me out with troubleshooting this and had previous experience doing this exact thing.

The forum is a good place to start with when reporting documentation issues. The other Arduino employees don't usually monitor the forum, but sometimes you can get valuable feedback from the community that can be used to enhance the final bug report.

As for bringing the issue to the attention of the people at Arduino who have the power to fix it, that is a bit tricky because there are multiple places you can make reports. I often recommend people to use the contact form, but I've recently seen some good results from using the issue tracker to report errors specifically about the pinout diagrams so I decided to go that route this time.

Hi @kevr. The error you reported with the pinout diagram has now been fixed. Thanks!

Nice, thanks a lot for all of the help!

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