[SOLVED] Cant' get Boarduino programmed w/ Sparkfun FT232RL USB 2 Srl Brkout Brd

I can't figure out why, but I can't get new sketches to upload to my breadboard arduino with the Sparkfun FT232RL USB to Serial Breakout Board.

I bought the breakout board to avoid breaking pins from repeatedly moving it to an Arduino for programming, and to not take up a useful Arduino that could be used for other projects.

  • The chip is an ATMega 328P from Adafruit, boatloaded as a Duemilanove.
  • Drivers are installed as per the tutorial at Sparkfun
  • Arduino Duemilanove with Atmega328 is selected under "Board"
  • /dev/tty.usbserial-AD01TVWT is selected under "Serial Port" (This is on a Mac)
  • The Serial Monitor [u]works[/u]. It prints out data as expected from the previously loaded sketch.
  • Wiring this to an UNO and using the TX & RX pins (with no chip in the UNO) works fine, the board is not improperly wired.
  • NOTE: The LEDs are flashing in my photo. This was originally programmed by putting the chip in an UNO and flashing it.


I've laid out everything I can think of at the moment. Any obvious blunders that I've overlooked? I'm at a loss and frustrated.


I found my answer here.


Just needed to check if the schematic will program an atmega328 like a normal arduino

In that case you need the 100nF cap on the DTR pin (pin 2) and connected to the reset signal.

Have a look at the Duemilanove schematic.


(Why I don't post much: no matter how hard I look for an answer first, it never fails that I find the answer after asking the question).