[SOLVED] Highlighting

Has anyone noticed that the “glow” highlighting has been improved and is now actually usable?

For example

However I find the red to be difficult to read so you can edit the code from

[glow=red,2,300]For example[/glow]


[glow=yellow,2,300]For example[/glow]

Which I think is much better and like the old forum

Can this be made the default colour?

And is there any way to get this into a code block?


Send the suggestion to David Cuartielles, search for him in Members and PM him.

I find the red glow unreadable. The yellow is somewhat better.

But I like lime.

Oh wait … that yellow is better. Never mind.

I find the red glow unreadable.

One of the main issues with readability in text is contrast, black on dark red doesn't have much contrast. Black on yellow does, that's why most warning signs use that combination.



thanks for noting this out … with red it was kind of unusable


Thank you!

Thanks David, now how about getting that into a code block?

At present you can't highlight a piece of code.


Dude ... that is a totally different story. Can you please make a separate topic title [FEATURE REQUEST] XXXYYY and describe the need? I will put it in my todo list :-)