SOLVED Problem with Serial output on Tx Rx pins

Hi, Can anyone help?
I’m fairly new to Arduino and trying to get serial output & input using the Rx & Tx pins on a Uno but all I get is garbage on Termite terminal display despite using exactly the same parameters as successfully used with the Uno’s USB output (other than the port number of course). The cable’s Rx was connected to the Tx pin and Tx to Rx pin and Gnd to Gnd and in each instance the unused cable was not left connected when transmitting with the other. I have tried outputting via a RS232 to USB adapter and also directly to a serial port in an old computer, same result. I have attached screen shots showing the code and the two markedly different outputs. Is this down to me and my ignorance or do I have a rogue Uno?




Post a picture of your wiring: It sounds like you are neglecting to convert the signals to/from your Uno (0 - 5v?) to RS-232 (-12 - +12, inverting). Use a TTL to RS-232 converter.


Thanks guys for your very quick responses. Yes, operator error/ignorance almost certainly the issue here!
I had seen references to USB to TTL/RS232 adaptors for making this serial connection to Arduino and assumed this was the same as the USB to RS232 adaptor I had been using for this same purpose on Picaxe microcontroller chips, clearly not! Thanks for putting me straight.