Solved: Programm Remote Control with RF Transmitter

Hello and thanks for helping me!

I have two programmable remotes with 4 buttons, coming with 3 standard codes which I would like to change.

I’m able to reset one of the remotes and programm it with the second remote.

As I want to change the code (and add a 4th code), I would like to programm them with a RF Transmitter (I got a cheap RF 433 Mhz transmitter and receiver). This doesn’t seem to work however , the remote control doesn’t react when in programming mode and when I fire the signals with my TX module.

As you can see from this example, the TX module works. In the example I send the code of one of the buttons to my receive module with the transmit module. Below in the Serial Output you also see the received signal of my remote control. They seem identical to me (I send here the same code with the TX, of course in the end I want to send a different code).

Send by transmitter:
Received 16736113 / 24bit Protocol: 1
Decimal: 16736113 (24Bit) Binary: 111111110101111101110001 Tri-State: 1111FF11F10F PulseLength: 360 microseconds Protocol: 1
Raw data: 176,104,68,252,472,120,140,244,400,112,188,348,248,148,152,112,60,252,144,200,396,1024,112,2708,116,92,64,808,92,856,168,712,1288,240,152,144,1428,368,140,164,380,220,148,152,136,36,272,188,112,

Send by RC:
Received 16736113 / 24bit Protocol: 1
Decimal: 16736113 (24Bit) Binary: 111111110101111101110001 Tri-State: 1111FF11F10F PulseLength: 353 microseconds Protocol: 1
Raw data: 11000,1052,368,1052,368,1052,372,1052,372,1048,376,1044,372,1052,372,1048,372,348,1076,1044,376,344,1084,1044,380,1044,376,1044,376,1048,376,1044,380,340,1084,1040,384,1036,384,1036,384,336,1088,336,1088,332,1084,1040,380,

The only thing I don’t know is in which intervals I should send the signals, as I don’t know what the remote expects…I tried different delays between sending signals, none seem to work…So if you have any tips regarding this or any idea what am I doing wrong, please comment!


try sending the code as a different protocol
in setup:

 // Optional set protocol (default is 1, will work for most outlets)

try from 2 to 12

sometimes rc sw can detect the code as the wrong protocol, this looks likely when i look at the raw data.
(it starts testing with protocol 1 and goes up to 12 when it finds a valid protocol it skips testing the rest)

Best of luck

Thanks I will give it a try didn't knew there are that many protocols.

With protocol 4 I could programm the RC, but the receiver didn't receive protocol 4.
With protocol 6 I could programm the RC, and it receives also protocol 6 and marks it as protocol 6.
Higher protocols I didn't try.

It's a bit strange why the RC default codes are seen as protocol 1 (but the RC can't be programmed with protocol 1, so either the receiver detects it wrong or the RC is just programmed in factory in a different way)...but doesn't matter now thanks a lot!

Just a small FYI if you want to receive protocol 4 as protocol 4 you need to change

const unsigned int RCSwitch::nSeparationLimit = 2000;// was 4300;

In: RCSwitch.cpp

happy coding!