[SOLVED] SIM800L capture IMEI and compared with a value set it in sketch

Hi to everyone,
Sim800L is attached to ESP32, i'm running an On/Off, timed relay
I wish to know how to capture IMEI from SIM800L with AT+GSN command .
Response from command i wish to compare with a value from sketch.
Idea is : someone not to swap GSM modules between them, and sketch to work anymore.
I'm using Software Serial library.


AT+CGSN queries the serial number, not the IMEI.
AT+CIMI us the command you’re looking for.

AT+CGSN - query serial number of International Mobile Equipment Identifier (Imei).
That i need.
To bound GSM module to the software.
Not to SIM card to the software . Can be any SIM card.

Go for it…
Sorry about that, Ive been playing with these for too long !

The command is straightforward…

  • then receive the IMEI number, followed by OK

That’s it…

The command already know how to send it.
This is the solution:

Result :
Printez comanda imei :
imei_citit : AT+CGSN866782042363461OK
imei_citit2 : 866782042363461

void imei() {
  Serial.println ("Printez comanda imei : "); //Printing some info
  mySerial.println("AT+CGSN"); //Sending command
  delay (200);
  while (mySerial.available() > 0)
    imei_citit += mySerial.readStringUntil('\r\n');
  Serial.print ("imei_citit : "); 
  Serial.println (imei_citit);  //Printing first raw reading
  int x = imei_citit.indexOf(String("AT+CGSN"))+7 ; 
  int y = imei_citit.lastIndexOf(String("OK")); 
  Serial.print ("imei_citit2 : ");
  Serial.println(imei_citit.substring(x, y)); //Printing only IMEI reading
  imei_citit=""; //Reset imei storage

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