Solved - Tempmeter w/ LCD from Arduino Uno -> ATtiny84

I merged this code from some nice projects found on net:

I use DS18S20 with OneWire library. Everything works fine, when I use Arduino.

Then I tried to move the code to ATtiny84 (to spare Arduino). I had no problem using Arduino as ISP (as described here: High-Low Tech – Programming an ATtiny w/ Arduino 1.6 (or 1.0) or High-Low Tech – Arduino board as ATtiny programmer).

When I power ATtiny up, instead of real temperature, I get const "Temp.: -0.6" written on LCD.

Is there something wrong with pin assignment, since ATtiny doesn't read the temp sensor? In the first version of code I used for sensor, but in version 2 I hardcoded the MAC of sensor into code, still the same problem. I also tried to connect sensor to other ATtiny pins, but that didn't help, too.

Fritzing breadboard with some explanation and notes is here:

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Have you configured the t84 to run at 8 MHz?

I put a blinking LED on D1 (pin 12 on ATtiny). It blinks when running from Arduino.
If I burn a bootloader with 8 MHz (or with 1 MHz), I get only full squares on LCD and LED is not blinking.

If I just upload the sketch to ATtiny with 1 MHz clock, it works the same as from Arduino.
If I just upload the sketch to ATtiny with 8 MHz clock, the LED is blinking 8 times slower.

I give up. I have not been able to decipher your last post. Someone else will have to help you or you will have to make another attempt to describe your situation.

Sorry for mess …
I uploaded the sketch after I burnt bootloader and it works like a charm now. Thanks for a tip.
Best regards