Something new ?

I think the Arduino Team should release a third new Arduino.

Something between a Arduino Uno and the Arduino Mega 2560.

A Arduino Ultra with an Atmega644 !

there are 644 3rd party boards already

Yes, and there are third party 328 boards too !

But i thinkk there should be a original Arduino with an Atmega644.

I would be nice...I wouldn't be willing to replace my duemilanove, but it would be really nice to be able to slap a 644 into that socket!

The Atmega328 has 28 pins and the Atmega 644 40 pins !

So you can just let the extras hang over the sides ::slight_smile:

164/324/644 doesn't come in a 0.3" wide DIP package, probably had something to do with not being selected over the 168/328 family despite having the extra serial port.

Yes, something like that is written on the sanguino website.

The atmega644p chip is super awesome because it provides a 2nd USART, which you can use for serial communication.

To use the 2nd serial port, just start writing code that uses the Serial1 object.

void setup()
Serial1.println("Hello world!");

Is there a compatible Arduino one can select in -0021 to compile/download?

Is there a compatible Arduino one can select in -0021 to compile/download?

Not as shipped by the Arduino team. However there are 3rd part folks that have the needed files and modified files that would then make a 644 processor type avalible in the IDE boards menu.


The Arduino host software does not support the Sanguino out of the box, but it is very easy to add support for the Sanguino to the host software.

The Arduino IDE.

How' this look as an ATMega644 in surface mount package, decked out like a ProMini?

And a layout.
Seemed to have lost outline around the ports, need to add silkscreen pin names also.

Looks very usefull.

I think an Atmega644 board should be more like something between Arduino 2009 and Arduino Mega. Shield compatibility is the reason.

Two pinheaders on each side like the Arduino 2009 and in the same position. The additional more pins on the top like the Arduino Mega.

That could be done also.
I tend to use them as standalone uCs tho, no shields. Build up my own circuits without having to fit in the artificial contraints of the oddly shaped shields. Program with an FTDI programmer and drop into my design and then have whatever connectors I want/need vs the oddball layout & mis-placed connectors of the Duemilanove and now the Mega.

I have been getting PCBs made at PCBExpress. They have a deal where you can get 3 3.8" x 2.5" PCBs with very fast turnaround for $51 + shipping. (no silkscreen, no solder mask). (9.7sq-inch x 3 PCB).
I was playing around with the layout, I can get 4 in that space, so end up with 9 or 12 PCBs for $60.
Hmm, I can get 4 in, but there are 380 holes, the 3 for $51 only allows 350 holes. Guess that leaves changing parts to surface mount, go up a service level, or try one of the batch collection sites. :-?

I'm gonna see if I can find a source for the ATMega1284P-AU, 128K memory, same pinout.
Non-stocked at Mouser looks like.

I had a bit of a hunt too and havent found anything yet.

I did find this though, but yeah - no AU's.

-MU would work for size, beyond my capability to assemble at home tho.

PU is the easiest way !

You could go the PU route, gives you plenty of space to tack parts on the back like here to make up a little system like here:

But its not for what I want - that's a 0.6" wide, 40 pin part.
I am after something more standalone.

Hmm - I could also see taking advantage of the wider body/longer length to make a PCB that could be loaded up with components and glued to the back of chip with just the few connections needed to connect to FTDI programmer, Xtal, caps, reset switch, to have a part that could be installed in a socket.
At the same time, I am thinking if I am going to socket it, on a board, why not just have the other parts on the board also?

Waffling, waffling ...