Sony Projector LCD display - LCX024AK

So far this is the smallest LCD I can find for a pico rear projector project I’m busy with but I want to know if I will be able to use this LCD with the Arduino (nano, preferably). I will mostly just be showing images from an SD card for now.

If you can suggest any smaller LCD’s you know of for a rear projection setup, please let me know.

I had a look at the LCOS micro display from Himax (similar to what is used in google glass) but that is very expensive and a bit too complicated for my skill level.

The data sheet is attached.

Thanks for any help.

LCX024AK.pdf (210 KB)

I actually found a smaller LCD.

Now I just have to hope they will sell me one.

My question remains the same though.

Short answer: No.

Long answer: Too little memory, too low speed (you are lucky if you can pull off 2-3 frames/sec)

// Per.

So if I use the controller that comes with the LCD with all its processing power, can I hook that up to the arduino. The Arduino will basically then just handle the communications.

My idea is simple. I will have the Nano with an SD card and bluetooth that will be paired with an Android mobile (with some app I'm busy building). This app will just send the Nano commands. These commands will tell the Nano what images to show from the SD card. The image is projected through the LCD.

This is the info on the driver.

This is some DLP projector-based stuff I did

Its not quite what you are after, as you want to drive the LCD directly, whereas I was driving the projector through the RGB port

This is using an SD card and an ATMega1284p which has 16k ram, so you can see the kind of resolution you get, the Nano with only 2k ram struggles to hold the pixels for a good image in B&W, let alone colour

I achieved colour by post processing the B&W image into RGB channels

I thought if I could cut out another circuit board my project would be even smaller. I want to make this thing as small as possible but it looks like I'll need the LCD display driver as well.

and some memory too...