Sorting Ceramic/tant caps

Is there an easy way (aside from a tester) to cross reference the markings on ceramic caps to their values?

for example:

Well googling 'capacitor code' I found this:

The number ending in V is of course the maximum working voltage for the cap.

I'm sure there are lots of other guides on the web.


Yeah, I figured about the voltage part, and that numbering scheme seems fairly obvious now that i see it.. sort of similar to how resistors are calculated... I just checked a few caps i had laying around (with known values) and they match the scheme on that site...

Usually the first two digits of the code represent part of the value; the third digit corresponds to the number of zeros to be added to the first two digits. This is the value in pf.

So according to that, the one pictured above (ripped out of an old telephone with built-in CID/clock/radio -- cant wait to play with the lcd if i can remove it intact) would be 4700pF or 4.7nF...

Is there an easy way to construct a diy capacitance meter? My limited searching came up with a few, but they all require a pic...
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