Sound- and vibration measurement and logging

Hi. I'm totally new to this forum and I don't even have any experience with Arduino, altho I've been interested for a very long time. I have the following question: Is it possible to measure sound and vibrations, and even log them in some way, by Arduino?

The reason I am asking this is that I am plagued now for a very long time by low frequency sounds and vibrations generated (to my belief) by my neighbours. I live next to a cafeteria (two 'homes' under the same roof) and they have several industry coolers and freezers put up in a space adjacent to my home. For years now I experience a loud hum, mainly at night, which often prevents me from sleeping. To make things worse I am the only one who can hear this hum, my kids don't hear it and my late wife (she died unfortunately about six months ago) couldn't hear it either. To add even more to this problem, the hum is not always present or not at the same loud level.

Its has been a fight for me for many years, I even went to court for it and I even won, but to this date noone will do anything about it because the administrative law is so short sighted that it has to be above a certain level or norm, which they measure in one single time frame measurement. While, like I said before, the hum isn't always present or at a loud level.

To get back at my question, I would like to know if logging of sound and vibration levels is possible, not especially absolute (because in that case the equipment has to be calibrated which is very expensive) but relative. It would be of help if a log can show that there are different levels of low frequency sound and/or vibrations present.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Yes, it can certainly be done and should not be too difficult. The difficulty may be in how to display the results in a meaningful manner.

Your hearing is quite common, according to my audiologist. When people loose their high frequency hearing, like me, and my younger brother, your brain makes up for it but increasing the sensitivity at frequencies you can hear.

Out family joke is my being awakened one night by deer walking on crusted snow outside our bedroom. I also hear the little water pump in the bird bath across the driveway from our bathroom.

Suggest you have a hearing test to see how much loss you have and at what frequency.