Sound sensor measuring error

Hey. Can someone help me figure out how can I reduce the deviation from sound measurements?
I am using arduino nano circuit . 7V powering arduino nano and sound sensor and from arduino nano A0 is connected to analog sound sensor pin.

this is sound sensor I am using

as you can see in the picture readings are very random and picture was taken in complete silence. I am trying to make arduino sound reactive LED and used the code this guy provided: Music Reactive Desk Light || DIY - YouTube
But it did not work so I am trying to write a simplified version of this on my own

Please copy/paste output and post your code (between code tags) instead of poorly readable screen shots.

what do you mean poorly readable screenshot? You can read it quite well.

#include <FastLED.h>
#define NUM_LEDS 20
#define LED_PIN 6
#define inputPin A0


void setup()
pinMode (inputPin, INPUT);
for (int i = 0; i < NUM_LEDS; i++)
leds = CRGB(100, 100, 255);

  • delay(1000);*
    void loop()
  • int sensor_value = analogRead (inputPin);*
  • //If 0, discard immediately. Probably not right and save CPU.*
  • if (sensor_value == 0)*
  • return;*
  • Serial.println(sensor_value);*
    int show_leds = map(sensor_value,0,1024,0,20);

for(int i = 0;i<NUM_LEDS;i++){

  • if(i<show_leds)*
    _ leds = CRGB(60,0,0);_
    * else*
    _ leds = CRGB(0,0,0);

Please add code tags around your code,

makes it readable, like this.

Screens shots can not have text selected, need to be figured out what is what, etc.
And of course links to the datasheet of the sound sensor, circuit diagrams, and other relevant info is missing. Please read this as well.

The analog input looks to be floating. Did you connect the grounds?

Post your code correctly, as well as a circuit diagram.

Yeah the circuit is all common ground . The circuit works and it reacts to music but as I said the errors in the sound sensor makes it look very bad