[Soved]Genuine Arduino Uno is not recognized

I have bought genuine Arduino Uno Starter Kit, after 4 days of using it, my computer dont recognize my board anymore, the code still runs properly, however i cannat upload new code to it, 2 tried connecting it to multiple computers, as well as different ports on them, but everytime windows pops up message "USB-device is not recignozed", does anybody have a solution, or its just a faulty board, and i will need to replace it?

Fix was very easy, just bough a new cable, and it works fine, so i got faulty cable from the box

Thank you everybody who replied.

WHERE did you buy your kit ? Add a link ! Post a picture of your board (decent quality no blurry stuff)

Many cheap kits are clone boards and often require a driver that is NOT included in the IDE package.

I Bought it [u]Here[/u]

It looks like a real one.

Have you done any windows updates recently ? Also what OS ? Please try USB 2.0 ports not USB 3.0 Ensure it is connected directly to the computer or though a POWERED USB 2.0 hub. What Antivirus do you use ?

Thank you for your reply

I have win10(and i havent updated it) I have tried usb 2.0 on one pc, and it not working, but one out of 3 usb 3.0 is working once in 3-4 times and on another laptop that also win10, only one usb 2.0 is working, and 2 3.0 are not working I use avira as my antivirus

Just to test only turn off your antivirus before opening the IDE and trying to upload.

If it works better or quicker then you need to exclude / whitelist the Arduino related folders from your antivirus.

The fact that it seems intermittent on a PC would suggest you have another issue somewhere possibly not Arduino related. Maybe try another cable first and then maybe do some diagnostics on your PC's