spark fun red board isp pin outs

the arduino uses pins 10 ss, 11 mosi, 12 miso , 13 sck for up loading sketches to an atmega328 on a bread board. but I don't have an arduino. I can't find any data on the red board for pin outs on the isp. this board is from the spark fun inventors kit. thanks

after some thought......I built a stand alone atmega 328 on a bread board, it has arduino opti boot on it (supposedly) I want to upload a sketch to my new stand alone atmega 328 but want to use my sparkfun red board. because that is what I have to work with, can someone please help with which pins to use to transmit the new program to my stand alone atmega 328 chip?

examples with using an arduino uno use arduino pins 10, 11, 12 and 13. for comm between the arduino and bare arduino (bread board) project.

this doesn't seem to work with the red board.

any advice.

The pins on the redboard are exactly the same as the Uno. You might want to read this:

this doesn't seem to work with the red board.

That's not enough information for us to help you.

thank you Pert. just what I needed. I am now able to boot load a bare atmega328 and program it. and re-program it successfully.

this is a bit off topic but..... I have an adafruit fx sound board with (11) triggers on it. wiring all of them would be a pain. it is uart friendly. is it possible to use that to tell it when and what to do through only (2) wires?

all the examples I have found require using the serial port of your computer. which means you "have to be there" I don't want to be there and I don't want to have to wire up (11) terminals.