Sparkfun MMA7361 Triple axis accelerometer won't work

So I bought a MMA7361 accelerometer from sparkfun.

I searched for different programs online to get basic info from the accelerometer.
The program I use now came from MMA7361 Triple Axis Accelerometer Breakout - Geeetech Wiki
I downloaded the library they provided, but it still doesn’t work.
Instead of getting values of about 10-100 when I move it, it starts with values between 200 and 400, and then jumps random to numbers up to 800 and then down to -100, while the meter isn’t moving…

What’s wrong?

#include <AcceleroMMA7361.h>
AcceleroMMA7361 accelero;
int x;
int y;
int z;
void setup()
 accelero.begin(13, 12, 11, 10, A0, A1, A2);
 accelero.setARefVoltage(5); //sets the AREF voltage to 3.3V
 accelero.setSensitivity(LOW); //sets the sensitivity to +/-6G
void loop()
 x = accelero.getXAccel();
 y = accelero.getYAccel();
 z = accelero.getZAccel();
 Serial.print("\nx: ");
 Serial.print(" \ty: ");
 Serial.print(" \tz: ");
 delay(500); //make it readable

What's wrong?

I see a lots of these kinds of questions, usually from members who are reasonably "new" at Arduino and have purchased from China. But, the bottom-line is to always make sure that the sensor or device you are purchasing has sample Arduino code.

Last year, we had this thread:,207188.0.html which was never marked solved.

This thread seems to suggest a solution:,101520.0.html

what do you mean, "while the meter isn't moving" ?