Sparkfun Weatherboard interfacing help

I got the Sparkfun USB Weather Board and am trying to hook it up to that the arduino can write the weather input to an SD card. I've been trying to use the SoftSerial library to make the arduino communicate with the weather board, but I can't get it to work. Has anyone here used this weather board with an arduino?

When connected to a PC via usb it works great - it outputs an ASCII string every second. The board is being powered by the 5v arduino pin and lights up saying everything is working. The tx and rx pins of the board are hooked up to digital 6 and 7 on the arduino and we are trying to use the SoftSerial library to make 6 and 7 read the serial data. Is there another way to just store the ASCII string to memory (does the arduino need to be used) ?

I tried another soft serial method today and it still wouldn't work. The leds on both boards were blinking indicating that the devices were talking to each other, but I can't get a serial.print to output the data via the hardware serial

Check here:

The code will work fine with minor changes for Arduino ( Wiring is the software "father" of Arduino software).