Speaking of the World Cup Brazil 2014: Penalty shoot-out game

Hi all,
just wanted to show you my first project in electronics (based on Wiring/Arduino):

The exciting penalty shoot-out we've always enjoyed in video-games, here implemented as an electro-mechanical game where you save goals using a control device and shoot with your fingers. It's an interactive game situated between electronics and the real world, making you part of the fun. The more players the better. The video shows the construction phase and several sample penalties. I've used a number of electronic components in the project, such as servos, potentiometer, AtTiny chip, piezo element, gearmotor, switch, LEDs, capacitors, resistances, and push buttons, among others (great for a first project, isn't it?).

Hope you like it!



Very well done!


Soccer is not my favorite game, but this version is realy cool! Great idea and very good realization!


Thank you robtillaart and flyingangel!

Do you know how can I get my project description posted in the Arduino blog?
I've submitted it a week ago (or so) through this page: How to Submit Content on Arduino Project Hub - Arduino Project Hub, but there was no reply at all.



Ok, same here... silence.

Sorry missed one, No I do not know ...