Special question about wiring 96x16 oled

Hello all, i have little special question.
It is not exactly about arduino , but maybe you can help me :slight_smile:

I have small bluetooth device with burned out oled display so i need to change it.
It is not arduino - whole thing is based on philips/nxp BGB203. Original oled display was ritdi with ssd1300 (31pin)…then was approx 4ears ago changed for osram pictiva display with ssd1303 (same pinout 31pin just connected from another side of flex cable…and display picture was mirrored). Now is this display burned too so i need replacement. I have by me some 0.69" 96X16 chinese displays with ssd1306 (14pin)…so maybe can it be usable ???

Soo i have found wiring diagram of original RITdi display - used on some stellaris products like LM3S9B92…and i have compared and measured on my mainboard…it is same as is on LM3S. Just one difference is that voltage for SSD driver is on my mainboard only 3V and not 3.3V.
So i have on VDD/BS1/DCn 3V, on SSA/SCL3V, and on VCC 10V.

On chinese 14 pin display is needed minimum 3.3V (3V is not enough) for whole unit, or 2-4V for driver and 7.5 for displaying (if is it correct).

So i need to use 3V for SSD and then put regulator to VCC line for get approx 7V for display picture…or use 3.3V regulator connected to 10V line for powering whole display?
…i need wiring :frowning:

I know that there can be problem with picturing…but first i need good connection for more testing.

Sorry that this is not about arduino, but i mean that this forum can help me :slight_smile:

…and sorry for bad english :frowning:

powering of new display is fixed :slight_smile: but it bad initialized

Hi and welcome.

I’ve had a similar picture some years ago.
I was able to have the dots scroll up and down and do other stuff with it, but i couldn’t change the contents of the screen (i.e. the buffer containing this data).
This is the thread where i discussed this (click !)
In this case i’d advice you to add a capacitor to the reset pin instead of using some dirty hack like i did.

thank you for reply :slight_smile: can you tell me value of capacitror ? …i will test it :slight_smile:
i mean that whole problem is in initialising address…so will be needed to edit program inside arm7 ic with jtag :frowning:

EDIT: soo i have added between ground and rst capacitor…and i got picture :smiley: … but is shifted and deformated :frowning: photo added


Sorry i didn't notice your last message.

If i see your contraption, i'm not too surprised you're having issues:

I can't tell you an exact value for the capacitor, the chipset datasheet (i googled that) does recommend 1 and 2.2 uF for other capacitors, so try that first.
A larger capacitance means a slower start of your display.
I'ts unlikely that you need a larger capacitance, because the resistor i used has been working for years already and is much less effective as a capacitor will be.