Speech Recognition Combination Lock

I'm working on a project in which you say four individually spoken words that would unlock a lock (solenoid style).

Just needs some direction on this...not even sure if it's doable.


It would be doable with a PC, but not an Arduino alone.

There might be some speech recognition module that you could buy, but I doubt it would be very reliable or secure.

You would need to get some sort of voice recognition module. The voice recognition is way beyond the processing capabilities of the Arduino.

EasyVR is one such device - but I wasn't ever able to get good recognition rates with it. That was over a year ago - better options may be available now.

A scheme that worked through a computer, using the computer to do the heavy lifting of voice recognition would be much better, but I've never been able to find a voice control tool that let you specify an arbitrary phrase and arbitrary response.

Yeah, I was aware that the arduino wouldn't be able to do it alone, that's why I'm looking for suggestions. I've seen a couple of speech recognition modules out there, but not that familiar with speech recognition. I could use it with a PC and it doesn't have to be incredibly "secure", just enough to denote that a cabinet door is locked, but once you say the four individual words it then would open.

Would it be possible to have it done with 1 unique word that you pre-program?