Speed control 240v AC pond pump


I'm wondering what's required (or if it's possible) to speed control a 240V AC pond pump. I believe, from what i've researched, this is a little tricky, where as DC ones are a bit easier. It's a small pump, 60watts.

If anyone has any advice on where to begin that would be much appreciated,



Most small AC motors are synchronous, which means their speed is coupled to the frequency of the AC line. The only reasonable way to control their speed is to use a VFD (variable frequency drive) and those are not cheap.

It is much easier to use a DC pump.

If your plan is to control the volume, plumb the output of the pump into a "T" so one flow is back into the pond, and the other side goes to where you want the water. Put a valve in the line going back to the pond. Close and open the valve to get the flow you want. Then you can find a valve that an Arduino can close and open electrically.