SPI interface of 2.8" mcufriend TFT ILI9326 with Arduino Uno

The 2.8" TFT is working fine with arduino uno, The graphictest_kbv is giving good result.
I have tried it with SPI mode but it didnt work and giving white screen.
I have searched out SPI for ILI9326 but didnt get.

Any help appreciated.

I explained in an earlier post that:

The Mcufriend TFT is 8-bit parallel interface. The pins are printed LCD_xx e.g. LCD_D5
The microSD is SPI. The pins are printed SD_xx e.g. SD_MOSI

You cannot change the TFT interface on most Shields.
If you want to use SPI with a TFT, you have to buy a pre-configured TFT module.

As always, if you post a link to the actual display that you have in your hand, you will get accurate answers.


Hi David,

As per the datasheet of ILI9326, we can use SPI interface.

By selecting IM2, IM1 and IM0/ID, SPI interface is possible.

Yes, of course you can use a different interface IF you can access the IM# pins.

Most Shields are already configured for a specific interface.
And even if you buy the bare 3.3V module, these seldom have IM pins on the micro-flex ribbon.

If you want to experiment with different interfaces, look at BuyDisplay.com

I suggest that you gain familiarity with the 240x400 ILI9326 Shield that you already own.
The Touch and microSD should work 100% with your Uno.

There is a lot you can do with TFT, Touch, SD. And quite a lot to learn.


Actually, I am going to use many pins for Keypad interface, Ethernet, sd card, ADC module and DIC module so I have planned to use SPI mode for TFT but the seller has provide me the 8bit TFT.
Regarding 240x400 ILI9326 Shield, I have studied the datasheet for ILI9326 for SPI mode but the shield information cannot be found anywhere.
I have plan to use MISO, MOSI, SCK, and CS (4 wire SPI) for TFT module. But on the shield, there are no micro-flex ribbon to select IMn pins.
The purchased shield cannot be replace so I need to purchse new one.

If you unpeel the glass screen from the pcb, you will see a micro-flex ribbon.

In fact you will see it without dismantling the shield.

Yes, it is wise to use SPI if you do not have lots of GPIO.
I believe that you have already used an SPI ILI9341 board.

The popular SPI ILI9341 boards are all 3.3V. Some come with a Touch Controller.

Life is much easier if you use a 3.3V Arduino.