SPI nand flasher help (noob)

The idea-
Ok so I am going to attempt to lay everything out as intelligently as I can here… (Everyone seems very nice and smart here :slight_smile: So please bare with me.
I do repairs to game consoles, which sometimes requires me to read the nand (flash) from the console. I know TX (Team executer) sells these for cheap but I would like to build one out of my Uno if possible. ? If not can I physically add an LPT port?
which might actually be easier.

The points I solder to on the console are as follows-
MOSI , SS , SCK , MISO , GND , and the last two are labeled po.29 and po.28
I am assuming (<–I know…) that the PO stands for post output.?
I have noticed that my uno has a couple of these already and have read that you can manipulate code to change the pins around.

I was told “to get the data from the nand you have to read each of the 32 pages one by one discarding the 0x10 bytes of spare that follow the 0x200 bytes of userdata…” Stored in the flash

I would like the data to be read and saved on my laptop as a .bin (if it isnt already) And also have the write capabilities or if possible make use of Nandpro.exe which utilizes USB or LPT ports. (Hence the adding of LPT to UNO)

It would really make my day. no. my week, if someone could help or at least shed some light on this for me?
The image attached is the nand flash (tsop) i normally deal with.

images (2).jpg

Need more info on the chip. Specific part #.
Looks to have 8-bit address/data interface along with 8 control lines that would need manipulation.
If there is other hardware between the Arduino and this chip, that complicates it even more.

Thanks for looking but I went out and got an old desktop. I gave up, time is of the essence.