SPI OLED 256x64, how do I programme it?

My project is creating a business card that displays my name, position and email address on a OLED screen.

I went for a slightly longer OLED screen due to the email address being cut off when displayed and got myself a 256x64 SPI display.

I've worked with adafruit's 128x64 OLED display; however I'm a bit confused when it comes to the 256x64, I was wondering if I would still be able to use the library that adafruit supplies for the 128x64 SPI OLED display or have I managed to get myself stuck?

Does the 256x64 use the same controller chip as the 128x64? Does it use a different controller chip that Adafruit ha a library for? Does it use a different controller chip that someone else has a library for?

If you can find a library to control your OLED display then it should not be hard. If your display has a controller for which there is no library but there is documentation, it will be much harder but possible. If the controller is undocumented it will be nearly impossible to use it.

No clue to the question you're asking.

The schematic for the OLED monochrome displays that adafruit uses wasn't helpful, just shows the OLED display and a level shifter.

So I dug around and found the datasheet they use.

The display I use is called the P34001, datasheet located here:


After opening up the first link to see the words 'CONFIDENTIAL" stamped across the page, I decided to not open the other one.

Anyways with the OLLED being 128x64 SPI, I'd guess you have a SSH1106 which have things done to it by the U8G2 library.

Sorry but doesn't seem to confidential if its publicly available on the adafruit website.

The 2nd link hasn't got confidential sticker slapped on it as its a datasheet publicly available from the manufacturer.

After I looked into the 4th page of the P34001 datasheet it shows the driver IC is SH1122G

Was just looking through previous messages with the manufacturer and I found some files for it, I tried adding them to the arduino IDE as a library and it says it doesn't exist as one.

So I was wondering what it is all about?

The File is too large (by .19mb) to attach to the post so I've uploaded it to my google drive if wish to download and view at your own pleasure.