square wave not quite square

im trying to send a 1.5ms square pulse to a motor and it was very jumpy
when I look at the signal im getting this

is the any way to smooth out this ?

Provide much more detail !


How are you “sending” the pulse? What is connected to the output pin, besides the sillyscope?

What’s the spec of your scope probe?

What you are seeing is the result of reactance (either capacitance and/or inductance) in the signal path, and is to be expected. If you want a true square wave, then you have to know what this reactance is, and provide a driver suitable for driving such a load. The MCU pin is not going to be able to do that on its own.

Ray L.

The scope or probe is AC coupled.

What's your probe? calibrated?

sorry guys I sorted it
my earth wasn't shared between the Arduino and the servo once all the earths was joined it was a nice square and the motor did what it was supposed to do