SSD1306 OLED Display Sleep or Hibernate mode

I was searching already online for some Information about to put a SSD1306 Oled Display after a certain Time in some Sleep or Hibernate mode to extend the lifetime and saving power. Unfortunately I did not found nothing. The idea would be something like for example. If the Screen is not used it turns off after 5 minutes and turns on again over the press of a button.
Thanks in advance

How much current does the screen consume and how is it powered ?

I don’t know how much current he consumed. He is powered by the 5volt pin of a Nano. Mine main concern is not so much how much he consumed, but more the life time of the screen. I saw already one that is 24 - 7 over 2 months always on and you can realise that the screen begun to lose quality in the image.

My main concern was how the screen is to be turned off.

If, and only if, its current consumption is very low it could be supplied with 5V from an Arduino pin and that could be set HIGH or LOW to turn the screen on or off.

More conventionally the current could be switched using a MOSFET controlled by an Arduino pin

OK… I think I unstood the concern about the consumption. That means I have to find out how much the consumption is that I can turn it on and off safely without toasting the Nano…

It would be better to use a MOSFET however little current it uses because the Arduino pins really aren’t designed to provide current

I’ve been searching for a solution to this very problem for a while and found this:

I haven’t tried it yet…
In a project of mine, as temporary solution, I am display.display()ing a display.clearDisplay() when the oled is not in use (after a time out).

@UKHeliBob thanks for the tip and help… I will take a look in this case how to use a Mosfet with Arduino

Hi @giorgiogiorgio thanks… I will take a look on it.

This library for the SSD1306;

SSD1306 Library

Has a power save function, reduces the current of the SSD1306 to a few uA.

@srnet… Thanks for the Info. Will also take a look on this one

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