SSD1351 connection

Hi there, I have an OLED with an SSD1351 driver,

The data sheet says it requires 10-20v on vcc.

Is this correct? It seems like an awful lot, most others I've used need 3.3 or 5v. I realise that's the logic level requirements but it seems too high for vcc? Also, I'm going to be using the display in a hand held unit that runs off two aaa cells, each at 1.2v, I'll use a sm regulator to get 3.3 for my teensy lc but how on earth will I get 10-20v for the display vcc? I don't have a great deal of space in my enclosure so if I am indeed going to need this high voltage then can anyone suggest a small component/board to do this please. Tanks in advance, Rick.