SSR AC-motor RC snubber circuit - What type of capacitor to use?


I am controlling a AC-motor with a SSR.

If I have understood correct I should use a RC snubber circuit to protect the SSR output?

What type of capacitors could I use? High voltage ceramic disc capacitors are expensive and the stores I usually buy from don't have any.

Is it ok to use Mylar capacitors in a RC snubber circuit?


I wouldn’t be so concerned with the sort (mylar, polyprop., ceramic, etc) as much as the rating - over-rate it.
Which sort would depend most on environmental factors.

It’s not impossible, but I’d be surprised if your SSR didn’t have this incorporated already.

Thanks for the answer.

The SSR are one of the common cheap ones on Ebay.

One like this:

Do you think I can skip the RC snubber circuit?

One more question: If I would use a 0,1uf capacitor and a 100ohm resistor, would it work with a small 0,25W resistor or should I get a bigger one? The motor is 230V/0.02A.

1W, 2W

Two 220? 1/2W in parallel = 110? 1W Two 50? 1/2W in series = 100? 1W

Good idé. I have som 200R 0,5W resistors that I can wire in parallel.

Thanks again.