SSR Wiring w/ On-Off-On Switches

I’m looking for some help creating a schematic for a Photon controlling a relay with an on-off-on switch.

I would like to have a 3 way switch that either connects a relay directly to a 12 volt power supply or to a Photon pin that I can control remotely.

Here’s the parts that I expect to use (see attached image)

Photon sitting in a Particle Relay Shield
12 Volt PSU
Fotek 40 amp SSR 3-32 VDC input
Electric Panel Switch, 2 inputs, 2 outputs
I’ve attached a diagram of my assumptions. Can someone confirm this approach or point out any obvious errors, or suggestions on improving the circuit?


I don't know how you can make a photon stay in a relay shield, and how to use it for any logic purpose.

SSR are for AC load only, you definitely cannot use a SSR for switching DC.

I think the "Photon" is an Arduino-compatible board. Amirite?

My interpretation of the OP is the switch either turns the SSR on or lets the Photon control it. The SSR is switching an AC load.

Why not make the switch an input to the Photon? That would be easy. Then the code knows when it is allowed to switch the SSR.

Look at the standard schematic symbol for a SPDT switch and try to think about how that can meet your original request.