Stacking PCB'S & Connectors

I am stacking a display pcb on to my main board and need a suggestion on a low profile connector and can use. The connector needs to be .100 spacing preferrably .200 between boards when plugged together. The display is a St7920 and only use 6 pins on each end of the 20 connections. So a 6 pin set of connectors would be great or a 20 would be fine also.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

“Machine pin” headers and sockets will get close to your 0.2" board spacing requirement. I buy mine from Sparkfun.

Getting down to that height is very difficult and rare. You may have to just hard-solder pins. There probably are connectors available but be prepared to pay a lot, like USD$10 per plug.

Do you have a part# or pic?

I use IC sockets, dirt cheap
I solder pins on my parts, them plug the sockets into the pins to get the correct alignment for soldering.
then solder to the board.
For my lower than normal clearance, I remove the pins from the header and insert them into the socket and slide my board down onto the top of the IC socket, then solder on the top side.
I will post some pics tonight, at work currently.