STARTING with Arduino DUE

hi everyone, i've recently bought an Arduino DUE r3 board, i connected it to the pc, downloaded the Arduino DUE pack from the Boards Manager (ide 1.16.12) but i'm not able to load a sketch on the board, it says me: No Board Found On COM3 Serial Port. can you please tell me how to configure the ide and the board correctly? thanks


sorry for my english, i'm italian.

check Tools->Port for 'Due Programming Port'
DUES are typically on com5 or higher

thank you for your answer, but when i connect the board to the PC and i go in Tools -> Port
i'm not allowed to select a port, there isn't the serial ports menu... what to do??

thank you but it's unusesfull because i'm using Windows 7P... :confused:
when i connect the board to the PC, the PC doesn't sounds like when i connect the Arduino UNO board... that's the problem, the PC doesn't recognize the Arduino DUE board... wath to do??

Did you try both the Native and Programming ports? The Programming port is more likely to connect.

Or, while it's powered (from any power source including either USB), press the Erase button. Then try to reconnect the Native USB.