Stepper driver better than easydeiver

anyone recommend stepper driver better than the toffee components that are on easy driver board I've had it with spark fun 2 bigeasy driver boards trashed 2 easydriver boards trashed all 4 boards had heat sinks arctic silver 3 compound and fan all stepper motors well below stated max current all wired soldered correct

I've had good luck with the Easydriver and also the Pololu 4988 board after I learned to NEVER disconnect the motor while it is powered :(. That will blow most drivers (even high end drivers like the Gecko)

I've used half a dozen easy and big easy drivers never a problem

as Yankee says - power off before adding/removing motors ANY stepper driver will die if you forget this!

going to give this board a go no arduino sketch needed also ordered new stepper motor i did notice a lack of touqe at low speed from one of my motors running on the bigeasy board just before the board give out so going to test new against the old motor on the new driver fingers crossed motor has not been damaged