Stepper Motor Control

motor shield appears to drive 2 motors, however I can't find a picture of the rev 3 and its connections on the web nor can understand the cables on the motors!

as they both arrived without any instruction please could someone help or point me to web page(s)!!!

i can program ok, but need help on the components and circuitry

thnx in advance david

There are many motor shields. Do you have the Arduino Motor Shield R3 : The schematic is on that page.

Can you upload a photo of your motor, or give us a link (just copy the URL in your message).

Motor shield will drive 2 DC motors or 1 stepper.

thnx 4 the guidance chaps! the stepper has 4 wires r,g,b & y and nothing to tell me how to connect them!!

the board is the arduino motor shield rev3

would appreciate help in connecting

ta david

Is something written on the stepper motor ? A label or numbers ? Can you upload a photo ? Where did you buy it ? Do you have a multimeter ? To check which wires are connected by a coil ?

This is an example with an steppermotor with 4 wires : This is a 'r g b y' wire stepper motor at Sparkfun : This is how such a stepper motor is connected (with other driver) : This is how the Motor Shield is used (with other stepper motor) :

hi krodal

it appears that r ~g and y~b are two seperate coils internally, it is a mercury SM-42BYG011-25 on the label!!

ta again david

That's the Sparkfun stepper motor. Sparkfun has a datasheet on that page for the stepper motor. In the datasheet is a picture with A+, A-, B+, B-. The should be connected to the A+,A-,B+,B- of the motor shield.


I have tried to get it to reverse direction and it doesn't!! Please tellme what I am doing wrong. I used the sketch in your first example and it dont work in reverse!!!



I have three Stepper motors on a shelved project until I can find a suitable platform for it. This sounds like it is going in the right direction for me.

Is there a shield around that can handle 3 motors. I guess I cold use two boards but for now I need the Z-axis for my project.