Stepper Motor Powered TV Mount

Hi guys,

I thought I'd show off my first project as an Arduino noob!

It's a NEMA 17 stepper motor powered wall mount for my TV. The code is running on an Uno and i'm using a TSOP4838 IR receiver to decode the signal from the remote control. Definitely a fun learning experience.

Thanks for Looking :slight_smile:

nice...interesting idea :slight_smile:

Very cool automation project. Nice Job!

Very nice! Congrats.

I am dying to get my hands on a couple NEMA 17 steppers.

can you post the code you used

Brilliant job! It is perfect for a nerd kind of like me. ;D I bought a tv wall bracket at (irrelevant spammy link removed by moderator), and it can hold 80kg and bear mutiple swivels. I am interested in making one like that in your video. And same request here, could you mind sharing the code?