Steppers motors And Arduino

hello so i find the perfect stepper motor ( for my project but i dont know how to program my arduino to control 4 of them on my arduino mini without h bridge just like in this videos :

so if someone can guide me :slight_smile:

The video shows them hooked up to Arduino pins directly. If the current draw from each coil is < 20 mA, then I guess you could get away with that. Just figure out how the coils are attached to the pins, and ‘bit-bang’ them on and off in a pattern go spin the motor.

Maybe try searching for a datasheet, but it’s four pins, so you could just experiment until it works.

the problem is that im real begginer and i don't know how to do that

Then you've got some learnin' to do!

Here's a You Tube video that is pretty clear about how a stepper motor works.

And here is a web page with code you can play with.

Have fun!

thanks so much :slight_smile: oh and in the second links they use h bridge so ican't use it and i found this which is very useful

You probably want the H bridge. You don't want to try to drive motors directly off the Arduino unless you are just trying to trash your Arduino. In that video were very tiny motors with zero load only running for a very short time. Even then it wasn't a smart thing for that person to have done.

Why are you avoiding the H-bridge?

because in my project place is the most important ( i trying to make a braille watch ) and hbridge are very big and the code work fine my stepper is moving :slight_smile:

But if your stepper works for a couple hours, then burns something out, that's a problem, right?

yes their is no other solution which take less space ? and the stepper will move 1/9 turn every minute or 10 minute

A4988 stepper drivers are pretty small.

but with this i need 2 power supply ? (1 for the arduino and 1 for the 4 stepper driver )

but with this i need 2 power supply ? (1 for the arduino and 1 for the 4 stepper driver )

Yes and your point is…

You always have the alternative of replacing the Arduino every few minutes if that sounds more convenient to you.

its just a questions there is no point to have :wink: and i buy some A4988 and i have L293D but i don't see anyone who use them for such a small stepper motor so i don't know if it will work .

I made this but i don't know where the 3,3v output is on a arduino pro mini (green wire ) (and its based on this )

A 3.3V Pro Mini can output 3.3V on its Vcc pin, so long as ypu are supplying power on one of the other power pins. A 5V Pro Mini has no 3.3V available.

ok thanks you and to power it i need to wired a battery to the grd ans raw pin right ?