Steppers motors And Arduino

Hello i want to make a braille watch and for this i had the idea to use mini steppers motors (link: link 2: )
so i need to use 4 of this and i need to control them with the tiniest thing possible like an Arduino mini or nano but i don't know if its possible because on internet i only see that

one steppers take 4 pins and a nano only have 6 PWM so i need some help thanks you .

Have a look at this , I’d suggest you buy the bits and have a play

You don’t need the PWM facility of the digital outputs , so u have loads of pins.

I think you should be able to set the analog pins as digital outputs and that work too ( not tried that )

yes i already order few different steppers and if i understand the 22 I/O pins can me use like on/off button ? ( im a real newbies )

I don't know what stepper motor driver you should use with those tiny motors because they will draw very little current. Something like a Sparkfun Easydriver seems like overkill and it may not be able to limit the current to a low enough level.

The website says the motors are rated for 3v so it would be useful to connect one of the motor coils to a pair of AA alkaline cells and measure the current while the motor is stationary.

You can use a pair of H-bridge circuits to control a stepper motor but then you must only use the specified voltage and many of the h-bridge devices won't work as low as 3v. The Pololu DRV8833 will and it is a dual h-bridge so on its own it can drive one motor.

HOWEVER, if you use a h-bridge rather than a specialised stepper driver each motor will require 4 Arduino I/O pins so 16 pins for 4 motors.

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