Store like digikey in EU

i am looking for a store with the same kind of pricing and parts as digikey in EU.


Yeah, but then S&H is really a big deal, not to forget the problems with customs etc. as they still send from America, it’s just the european websites for the american store.

Well being in the UK I use Farnell and RS Components. Not sure of shipping elsewhere in the EU though.


RS Components and Farnell don’t charge shipping (at least not in The Netherlands), not sure if they ship to consumers though.

I presume he means a webstore ;).

In what country do you live?

i live in the netherlands.

i asked because when ordering from the us i have to pay allot of tax and brokerage fee to ups…
last time i orderd something for 83 euro i had to pay 30 euro VAT and 10 euro brokerage fee…
i called digikey and they say its UPS overcharging on the VAT and that they will get some money back for me from UPS. i think it is systematical, so going to check my bills now.

RS components sell to us mere mortals, as small a quantity as you want.
And quite quick. But I find there online catalogue a bit confusing because of the massive number of products they offer.


Have you heard of conrad yet? ( )
Not too cheap (not overly expensive with most stuff either, mind you), but they deliver quickly…
Have ordered a couple of times from them with no issues whatsoever, just the way I like it :stuck_out_tongue:

Digi-Key offers shipping discounts on orders to most European countries including:

UK - Free shipping on orders over [ch8356]50*
DE - over ?65*
FR - over 65 ?*

*If excessive weight or unique circumstances require deviation from this charge, customers will be contacted prior to shipping order.

If you’re interested in a different region please visit, locate the “Change Country” flag at the top of the page, choose a country, then view the banner in the middle of the page.

Although Digi-Key is a US-based distributor, it is able to ship product to European countries within 48-72 hours**.

**Delivery time is estimated and can vary for each region.

We apologize for any inconvenience experienced during your ordering process; however, custom regulations require Digi-Key to ask several questions regarding your order.

Feel free to contact for more information or if you have any questions.

Thank you!

Well that’s novel…