string constant to 'char*' error

hi all.

i use this code for the nokia lcd screen.

void LcdWriteString(char *characters)
  while (*characters) LcdWriteCharacter(*characters++);

but now i get a error "warning: deprecated conversion from string constant to 'char*' [-Wwrite-strings]"

i also noticed the example on this Page

char* myStrings[]={"This is string 1", "This is string 2", "This is string 3",
"This is string 4", "This is string 5","This is string 6"};

you get the same error.

why is this?

That's not an error. It's a warning. And it's one you can ignore or you can go through the code and add casts to everything to make it go away. Me, I just ignore that one.

ahh thanks for the reply.

the reason i ask it. is because i could not uplaod the sketch anymore. but strange enough like allways it work ok again :confused:

That warning won't stop it from uploading. You must have another error somewhere.